From servicing your existing equipment, to deinstallation and reinstallation, let our trained and experienced service engineers serve your equipment needs today!

What We Do

Finding the right service for your equipment maintenance needs has never been easier. At Majestic Medical Solutions, we understand that your tolerance for risk plays a large part in how you service your imaging department. That's why we offer a variety of service options.

As a private company we provide more flexibility, faster processes, broader pricing and accessible, experienced service providers. We cater to you- giving the attention and resources needed to make a solution work. Extend longevity on equipment deemed “end of life.” Find equipment from a variety of brands and distributors. Find what actually works.

From time and materials service, to full service with one flat rate, and many options in between- you tell us how you want it covered, and that's how we'll do it! We offer extended coverage hours and have local service engineers on call 24/7.


Majestic Medical Solutions

Installation & Equipment Relocation

Whether the equipment you purchased from us needs installation, or your existing equipment needs to be deinstalled, moved and reinstalled, you can rest easy knowing that Majestic is taking care of the details. Need the job done in an accelerated time frame? No problem - we can do that!



Unlike the OEMs, we have many options for quality parts that also provide savings for our customers. We qualify our repair depots and use only the best. Our DOA rate is less than 1%. Better than some OEMs! We also stock commonly used parts in our climate—controlled warehouse so we can have your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.


Equipment Servicing

Our seasoned engineers bring many years of experience and a proven track record to your equipment service. We deliver your service with factory trained engineers, along with the creative solutions that Majestic is known for. Our servicing begins with remote diagnostics and utilizes state of the art tools and test equipment to keep your uptime at its highest.


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Let’s get started! Place a service call on your imaging equipment by filling out a small form below. Your call will be logged and an engineer will call you shortly. You can also call the office at 866-580-9729.

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