Creative Imaging Solutions

For Hospitals, Imaging Centers & Private Practices

Who We Are

Majestic Medical Solutions is your solution to effective imaging equipment for hospitals, imaging centers, private practices and more. Relationships are the driving force behind years of expertise and experience. You matter to us. No matter what need you may have or problem you may encounter, we are going to help. There’s a reason “solutions” is in our name.

New or Refurbished Equipment

We supply and service a wide variety of MRI, x-ray, and other medical imaging equipment. At Majestic, you receive full turn-key service. The right product, full installation, detailed training and an experienced team who will continue to serve you for years to come.

Full Service Labor and Parts

Our experienced engineers are available on demand to:

Provide preventative maintenance so you avoid downtime

Provide emergency support

Provide dedicated service contracts

Imaging Solutions

You need more than a x-ray machine or a quick repair; you need full solutions that will ensure:

Your facility has the right equipment installed in the most efficient setup

Your team is fully trained on proper and optimal use

Your equipment will be maintained to provide maximum uptime and lifespan

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