Omniscope DReam



Omniscope DReam, surgical C-arm equipment coupled with Flat Panel Detector, in detail suitable for both hip as well as aortic prosthesis procedures.
Markedly, any kind of surgery is possible due to the wide range of generators & flat detectors.

In order to offer appropriate opening & positioning, from bariatric to extremities surgeries the C-arm machine equipment is ergonomically designed. The total size of the system has been designed to optimize the space inside the operating theatre.

The motorized variable height of the C-arm, the manual movements and the lateral handles on both sides, undoubtedly ensure an optimal positioning of the system.

Furthermore, each release lever is marked with a color code corresponding to one movement.


C-arm surgical equipment coupled with flat panel dectector

  • Generally, surgical options due to the range of the c-arm generators & flat detectors.
  • Ominiscope DReam is available through NIR Medical Affiliates.

Comfort of Use

  • Markedly designed specifically to optimize the space inside operating theatre.
  • Significant ease of positioning the surgical C-arm equipment.
  • In addition, has a release lever marked with a color code for each movement.

Flat Panel Detector

  • Available in two sizes to explicitly fit with the specificity of each surgery.

Dose Reduction

  • Half-dose exam, programmable as well as, removable grid.

Positioning Laser

  • Located on tube as well as, detector sides for precise centering.

Wireless Footswitch

  • Markedly replaces the standard surgical c-arm wired footswitch.

Advanced Post-Processing

  • Particularly, pre-programmed anatomical protocols in order to provide
    reproducibility of image quality.

DSA And Specific Measurement Tools 

  • Meeting all interventional vascular examinations needs.