Oasis 1.2T



Oasis 1.2T MRI system sets a high standard for patient-centric care. A unique achievement in high-performance imaging, the Oasis truly open architecture features advanced magnet design, Zenith RF Technology and robust clinical capabilities to achieve high throughput diagnostic performance.

With an unobstructed viewing angle and the industry’s most accommodating patient table, no other MRI system enables you to capture and retain as broad of a patient demographic as Oasis. Even the most challenging patients can be handled with confidence, without compromising on safety, performance, or efficiency.

Offering unmatched patient comfort, rapid workflow, the latest clinical capabilities, and a 99% uptime guarantee, Oasis 1.2T completes your MRI portfolio ensuring all patient referrals can be handled with the best diagnostic results available.


Synergydrive Workflow

  • Hitachi’s SynergyDrive is the latest in complete efficiency and workflow engines to ensure the fastest patient throughput, best patient comfort and highest quality imaging.

Patient Comfort

  • OASIS supports up to 660 lb patients on an 82 cm wide table. A true open design, patients have a 270 degree unobstructed view for maximum comfort.

Image Quantification

  • T2 RelaxMap provides for quantification of actual T2 values displayed in a color overlay that depicts subtle tissue properties and anomalies. Ideal for orthopedic studies and the depiction of articular cartilage.

Non Contrast Imaging

  • VASC-ASL enables excellent depictions of vasculature without a contrast agent. An MRA alternative for patients with compromised renal function in renal artery and portal vein imaging.