Legacy MRI



Echelon delivers excellent image quality and RF fat saturation with workflow advantages in patient setup, motion compensation, and image processing. With the short-bore gantry and small footprint, Echelon offers a simple solution for customer’s upgrading or replacing equipment.

A staple of performance in many imaging centers, Echelon has established a long track record of operational reliability along with patient comfort and safety.

  • 1.5T superconducting magnet with high performing 33/150 gradients
  • 8 or 16 channel RF receiver with a wide range of coils
  • 50cm FOV in all axes

High quality, whole body imaging applications that matter most to your practice.


Guaranteed Homogeneity

  • Echelon a large highly uniform imaging volume – combined with Hitachi’s HOAST patient specific higher order shimming capability.

Patient Comfort

  • The large, high-capacity patient table comfortably supports a broad range of body types.


  • Echelon’s design attributes make it accommodating to existing facilities and easily planned into new construction.