Arietta 70 Surgery



Hitachi Healthcare’s premium level systems provide:

  • Extraordinary high-resolution digital imaging with specifically designed transducers
  • Real-time imaging that immediately provides valuable information necessary to assist in surgical planning and execution
  • Guidance of biopsy procedures for more accurate placements of needles
  • Instant feedback on tumor margin delineation
  • Valuable information to guide tumor resections
  • Assistance in achieving complete tumor resection
  • Ability to visualize and account for blood flow
  • Minimally invasive pituitary imaging
  • Robotic surgery imaging
  • Localization and orientation of relative anatomy
  • Blending and overlaying of CT/MR images with ultrasound


Arietta 70 Symphonic Technology

  • Whether its source is a world class orchestra or advanced medical equipment, recording sound is an art form. It requires precision instrumentation to capture the most subtle details without introducing noise in the process. Arietta 70’s Symphonic Technology optimizes data fidelity along the entire signal handling chain, from transducer to display monitor.
    • Multi-layered Crystal
      • Using multiple layers of crystal within each element, Hitachi Healthcare’s probes minimize signal attenuation during transmit and receive to increase penetration.
    • Compound Pulse Wave Generator
      • CPWG+ is a unique transmission technology that allows Arietta 70 to generate pulses to the ideal theoretical waveform. As a result, the heat generation during electro-acoustical conversion is minimized. This allows the use of stronger pulses to improve penetration, contrast and spatial resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio.
    • Pixel Focusing
      • Arietta 70 dynamically focuses at the pixel level improving resolution and image uniformity.
    • Ultra Backend
      • The high-speed digital computing of the Ultra Backend fuels the various real-time image processing features of Arietta 70 of frame rate.
    • IPS-Pro Display Monitor
      • Developed initially by Hitachi Displays, Ltd., In-Plane Switching (IPS) was the first LCD technology to improve viewing-angle. The Arietta 70’s IPS-Pro display doubles the half-contrast viewing angle of these displays while also improving contrast, black levels, and switching speed.

Arietta 70 Ergonomics

  • The ever-evolving healthcare industry demands efficiency in all aspects of patient care. In ultrasound, exceptional image quality without equally exceptional simplicity and ergonomics is unacceptable. That is why the Arietta 70 was designed to provide maximum simplicity, user efficiency, and portability. From its compact footprint to its intuitive, time-saving user interface, the Arietta 70 was engineered for the increasing workloads of today’s busy Surgical environments.
  • Arietta 70’s ergonomics address every point of interaction between the ultrasound system and surgeon. In addition to its moveable control panel, adjustable monitor, and portable frame, the Arietta supports a set of lightweight, ergonomically-contoured and specifically designed surgical probes.
    • 45% Lighter
      • The Arietta 70 is 45% lighter than our previous premium class systems, making it easier to move from room to room or between floors.
    • User-Friendly Operational Panel
      • Two-way multi-rotary encoders enable the adjustment of multiple functions using a single control, significantly reducing repetitive motions. The large palm rest at the center of the operating console is designed to give optimum wrist support.
    • Adjustable Panel Height
      • The panel height can be lowered to 70 cm, allowing the operator to perform lower extremity examinations with the control panel comfortably within reach.