Essential for fujifilm CR systems

Manufacturer: Essential

EESi-IPA for fujifilm cr systems
An Integrated PACS Archive (IPA) Solution for Accessing, Storing and Distributing Digital Radiology Images from Your Fujifilm Prima, XC-2 or XL-2 System

As a feature-rich, standards-compliant PACS Archive Server
with full query and retrieve, auto-routing, modality
worklist, and EMR/HIS/RIS integration capabilities, the
EESi-IPA improves the imaging workflow, enhances
productivity and streamlines patient care.

Seamless integration of the PACS functionality into the IIP
console on Fujifi lm CR systems saves time and money
by eliminating the need for purchasing and maintaining a
separate PACS solution.

Intelligent storage and distribution of images simplifes
HIPAA compliance and virtually eliminates filing and
lost image issues.



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