Manufacturer: Konica Minolta


Simple. You need quick and accurate information for your most acutely ill patients in the ER/Trauma and ICU/CCU. With AeroDR XE, you get exams faster with image preview in one second and fully processed images in less than eight seconds. Plus, the panel is compatible on any X-ray device with the AeroSYNC automatic exposure detection. The panel is easier to position with handy grip strips and the simplest panel to carry because of its lightweight 5.7 lbs design. The easy to use AeroDR XE has the same industry-leading image quality as the AeroDR HQ and is packaged with software options that enhance usability. It’s a smart, simple solution that is built to last.

Reliable. Avoid unplanned downtime and achieve greater productivity with the reliable AeroDR XE. Our lithium ion capacitor extends panel life to last an entire shift up to 8.2 hours or 300 images. New panel drop sensors and monitoring provides ongoing data on panel handling, so you can avoid catastrophic failures, reduce repair costs and gain peace of mind. With the Aero Remote, you can even perform initial diagnostic checks without calling for support.

Robust. Portable imaging in demanding environments can take its toll on wireless flat panels. The AeroDR XE is designed to withstand the bends, bumps, drops, loads and liquids found in ER/Trauma settings, ICU/CCU, the patient’s bedside and other portable situations. Featuring the best weight to load ratio—up to 661 lbs—and the highest bend and liquid resistance on the market, AeroDR XE is built to withstand use in the most extreme environments. Completely sealed with no external battery, AeroDR XE can be wiped clean with approved cleaners after each use to fulfill your hospital’s infection prevention protocols.

AeroDR XE is the simple, reliable and robust solution that is built to last!



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