Manufacturer: Konica Minolta

Whether you are imaging in a radiology room, at the patient bedside, the ER/Trauma, the OR, or ICU/CCU, you need a reliable solution that provides fast, high quality patient imaging. The AeroDR LT is a smart wireless DR solution that can be used in most rooms and portable X-ray systems, delivering added economic value by extending the life and value of existing radiology rooms and solutions. AeroDR LT is easy to carry and easy to position with its lightweight (5.5 lbs.) and grip strips right on the panel—helping increase both patient satisfaction and technologist productivity. AeroDR LT delivers the best of both worlds to general radiography applications: the versatile performance of the AeroDR ST with the durability of the incredibly durable AeroDR XE … all from one of the most reliable names in Primary Imaging—Konica Minolta Medical Imaging.


Get exams faster with image preview in one second and fully processed images in as little as 6 seconds. With AeroSync automatic exposure detection and roaming capabilities, AeroDR LT is compatible with most fixed and portable X-ray devices—so you can use it in the room or on the go.


Primary Imaging can take its toll on wireless flat panels. The AeroDR LT is designed to withstand the bumps, drops, loads and liquids found in most environments with a weight to load ratio up to 661 lbs.1 and the highest bend and liquid resistance in its class.


Avoid unplanned downtime and achieve greater productivity with the highly reliable AeroDR LT. With a 13 minute charge on Konica Minolta’s lithium ion capacitor, you get up to 4.1 hours imaging time or 150 images.3,4,5  Reduce repair costs, avoid catastrophic failures and gain peace of mind with the built-in panel drop sensors and monitoring for continuous panel handling data.


  1. Static loads have no effect on images and detector even when applied directly. The measurement method based on Konica Minolta’s standards. The maximum patient weight performance of this product does not guarantee that product damage or failure will not occur.
  2. The product may fail to maintain its waterproof performance (equivalent to IPX6) if it has been dropped. The waterproof performance of this product does not guarantee that product damage or failure will not occur.
  3. The performance may vary depending on component configurations and usage environments. The performance described here is obtained during exposures with an X-ray generator.
  4. Three exposures per examination; in a five-minute cycle examination (with the positioning time assumed of 20 seconds); exposures with an X-ray generator.
  5. The performance described here is expected when fully charged. The performance level may fluctuate depending on the usage environment and frequency of use (the ability to always obtain the performance described here is not guaranteed).
    • The information, specifications, and product appearance contained herein are subject to change without notice.
    • The company names and product names contained herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.



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