Manufacturer: Corelabs

Built for hospital-grade applications, the CoRE labs Triton Floor Mount Tube Stand (FMTS) is designed as a freestanding x-ray tube support system. Offering a long operating life, the Triton FMTS features ball bearing construction and hardened serviceable bearing races in its column.

The Triton tube stand is built with a seamless column that highlights the system’s rigidity and reliability. Hardened serviceable bearing races used in the column enforces the heavy duty design of the system. A positive vertical lock can be used for position retention during instances of power outages. Potentiometers ensure the feedback of height and longitudinal data for accurate SID positioning.

The CoRE labs FMTS offers a convenient user interface to allow fast SID positioning and facilitate rapid throughput. Users can view real time table and bucky SID data. The backlit LCD display changes from SID inches to tube angulation (in one-degree increments), when turned left or right. Real-time SID to a wall stand is displayed at 90-degree angles of the tube.

The CoRe labs floor mounted x-ray tube stand has counter weights which are secured by two multi-stranded stainless steel cables. The system also features a durable powder coated surface and nickel hardware for long lasting use.



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