Halo OTS

Manufacturer: Corelabs

Offering application flexibility, the CoRE labs Halo Overhead Tube Support (OTS/OTC) is a fully counterbalanced hospital-grade system, designed to assist in a broad range of x-ray imaging procedures. The CoRE labs x-ray tube can easily be positioned at any selected point throughout its travel range. The system features mechanical indexing at each 90-degree position in its range.

The manually-operated Halo tube support system features a durable powder coat finish. The overhead x-ray tube support is also equipped with an LCD display that shows source to image distance (SID) to tabletop/wall bucky in inches and centimeters, as well as x-ray tube angulation in degrees.

The ceiling mounted unit has a standard platform mount and optional 10-inch orthopedic column extension. Capable of reliable operation, the Halo system comes with a 24 V DC power collimator on board.

The CoRe labs tube support’s ergonomic control panel allows convenient operation. Aside from table/wall bucky centering, users can easily run the tube to move in vertical, longitudinal, rotational, and transversal directions. Equipped with the "Intelligent Software", the system offers fast and easy configuration and calibration.

Rapid positioning is possible with the single handle control. The Halo support also features carefully laid out cables for easy management and organization.



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