Manufacturer: Corelabs




Made in the USA, the CoRE labs Flora Radiographic Wall Stand (14” x 17”) features an exclusive seamless column design for utmost rigidity and reliability. Fully counterbalanced, the wall bucky stand accommodates buckies, grids and trays from different manufacturers.

Operators of the Flora rad wall stand have the options of left hand or right hand loading. Featuring single hand operation, the rad stand offers positive electronic brakes which lock position in the event of power failure.

Accurate vertical position feedback to a CoRE labs OTS or FMTS is ensured with this mechanical system’s potentiometer height electronics.

Built with aircraft aluminum and steel, the Flora x-ray wall stand features ball bearing construction with durable powder coat finishing. Fine tunable fully-counter-balanced carriages are also employed by the stand.

For longer operating life, the CoRE labs bucky stand includes a seamless column that uses hardened serviceable bearing races. The hospital grade model uses twin multi-stranded stainless steel cables to secure the fine adjustment counter weights of the system.






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