Saphenia ClearCT Lung

Manufacturer: Saphenia

Sapheneia’s ClearCT™ Lung has been designed to assist Hospitals and Imaging Centers address the newly created preventative services benefit under Medicare.  The facilities that provide this service will be required to be able to demonstrate that they are providing scans at 1.5mSv or less.  

ClearCT™ Lung is Sapheneia’s latest generation image optimization software that enables lower radiation dose while maintaining and improving imaging quality. ClearCT Lung includes Scannerside’s cloud based cumulative dose tracking system which allow for the facility to provide the documentation to receive full reimbursements for this procedure.

Key Features

  • Enables reduction of radiation dose to be 1.5mSv or less
  • All lung specific protocols are customized to the eyes of the Radiologist using Sapheneia’s proprietary tuning tool to maximize dose reduction while preserving the specific image needs of the user.
  • Improves the visibility of anatomic structures in computerized tomography images obtained at ultra-low radiation exposure levels
  • Customized to work with your preferred IT set up and specific needs
  • Seamless integration into existing workflow, compatible with all IT/PAC Solutions
  • Includes Scannerside Dose Tracking to fulfill Dose Reporting requirements
  • Sapheneia will work directly with the hospital and imaging center on training of your staff, and education of your patients through Dose Card and other programs
  • Transferability of software license to another scanner or new equipment for a nominal fee.


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