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PACS archives from Majestic Medical Solutions packages the features and functionality traditionally associated with DICOM workstations and expensive radiological imaging systems into easy-to-use, affordable and reliable workstation and archive ideal for physicians and specialty practices of all types.  Majestic Medical Solutions’ All-In-One DICOM Workstation and PACS Archive:

·        Brings enhanced flexibility to workflow

·        Ability to import DICOM images from CD/DVD

·        Export images for surgery

·        Receive digital images directly from imaging center

·        Incorporates images in 2D, 3D, and 4D

·        Patient studies and images can be accessed securely from any internet-enabled device on or off site

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Avreo develops complete Radiology Workflow Solutions (RWS) that manage every aspect of your workflow from order entry to report distribution within a single application/single database system.


A Soution for Seamlessly Integrating Your EMR System with Virtually Any PACS

Essential for fujifilm CR systems

EESi-IPA for fujifilm cr systems. An Integrated PACS Archive (IPA) Solution for Accessing

Viztek Viztek’s Opal PACS line of products is extremely diverse and has evolved from a basic P-A-C-S, a lower end solution for a film-only environment with a simple viewer and the bare minimum of tools, to a far more dynamic web-based tool designed to enhance workflow efficiency. Viztek’s PACS is the leader... VizTek
exa The Exa Platform provides the infrastructure for managing data across the imaging workflow Integrated PACS/RIS/EHR platform   Diagnostic Zero Footprint (ZFP) viewer with Server-Side-Rendering Smart tools for an efficient workflow including real time performance dashboard and custom workflow design... VizTek


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